Chore checklist app for android

Yep, believe it or not, there are at least seven apps out there designed to help you put the mop to the floor and really get stuff done.

2) ChoreMonster [No Longer Available]

Now you have no excuse. Like a lot of the apps on this list, HomeRoutines lets you create checklists for chores around the house. With reminder notifications and alerts, this highly detailed app keeps track of the things you get done. Much simpler than HomeRoutines and also free , Chorma is targeted squarely at roommate situations.

Lazy? Forgetful? Don't worry, there are apps for that.

It establishes a points system for certain chores, and provides a platform for organizing group activities. Parents establish scheduled tasks and assign point values to certain chores. It's a really clever idea, if you ask me. Tody is a lot like HomeRoutines, in that you can assign specific chores to specific rooms. Where it differs is in how it notifies you of the various tasks that need to be done. You create an initial list of tasks or rooms to clean, and an indicator bar beneath each gradually increases over time, letting you know just how badly you're neglecting your chores.

It presents users with elemental household chores that they can schedule at their leisure to keep their home clean. But not this app.

I love how it only has what I am suppose to do that day on it. Easy to use and very helpful on keeping me on track of what needs to be done on that day. So all I needed was a way to track chores, so I make sure I get mine done, and they get theirs done. No frills. No family emails. No logins. Just chores so I can hold everyone accountable, including me. Google Play Customer Rating: Assign multiple users tasks; send messages and reminders; uses point system to encourage chore completion.

7 Apps to Help You Do Your Chores

This app is great for keeping family members -- especially kids -- motivated to complete each cleaning task. Users can assign individual chores and give rewards to those who finish each assignment using a points system. In addition to cleaning, this app also allows everyone to contribute to a shared grocery list. Group cleaning tasks by room; contains advertisements; share the list with other users.

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  • 4 Great Android Apps to Get Household Chores Done Without a Groan.

This easy-to-use app lets you take control and add as many or as little rooms as you need to incorporate to your cleaning routine. Share the tasks with others and check them off as you go! App ratings are subject to change. All ratings are current as of March 6, This one works SO well!

Let your phone lead you to a new cleaning routine.

It's so easy to use, and it's so satisfying to check off each item. I love that there's a Master list for ideas, but everything can be adjusted and changed. I've recommended this app to several people, and it has inspired me to in the near future compose a newsletter with all my house cleaning systems. The app will certainly be mentioned as one of my most favorite tools! It's visually appealing, simple, clean, and fun to use. Thanks for creating it.

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Housekeep How to: Clean your Home on Ios & Android

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4 Great Android Apps to Get Household Chores Done

See more. Alexander Malikov. Your notes and checklists are always safe and secure with this notepad app! Share Assign Reminders Unlimited sub tasks Notes 's templates. FiiNote, note everything. The smarter, faster, easier way to Note. Kamal Faraj. Take notes quickly and easily. Chore Checklist - Lite. Organize, Check and Relax Get things done with Chore Checklist. My Party Planner - Lite.