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Dutch translation is not the best.

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It gives supposed literal translation for words. Heading out of the country with your Android phone? Consider upgrading to the latest version of Google Translate for Android. Google has made it even easier to use its language translation app on Android by supporting offline language packs.

3 Live Translation Apps That Makes Solo Trips to Abroad a Joy

Google Dictionary is an online dictionary service of Google, originating in its Google Translate service. Google translate does NOT work offline for the following modes: OCR camera , handwriting, and voice. How useful is that? When you walk in the street, in Asia, with strange characters you cannot understand, and google translate can not do anything to help you, unless, yes, unless you have a wifi with you, so that only that way it can work.

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Offline, and you are on your own. So, when you travel to, say, Japan, get a package: It will cost you expensive. Thank you google, for siding with your buddies the ISPs. Technically yes, Microsoft Translator allows us to download the offline package. I guess it can be done, the reason as stated by you, to track and make money. The most disappointing aspect of translators is that their functionality is severely limited offline.

You generally have to find out yourself by downloading, installing and usually deleting the app.

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It only works online because it requires some sort of AI or a huge database to translate them. Google Translator and Microsoft Translator do offer offline package, download them before you travel. Can anyone tell me why my google translate app on iPhone 6 does not work without internet connection?

I have downloaded the Japanese pack. I tested by turning off mobile data and w fi and the microphone and pen icons disappear. Hello, I am a student who studies English, Norwegian so therefore I would like to buy an offline translator that works in Arabic or can translate to English and Norwegian.

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  • Can you help me with that? God bless you. Best regards Anthony Dador. Just download Google Translator App, they have offline Need to download and update every 30 days feature and are free. Traveling to Brazil in a few months. What will be the best app to use, assuming I will be offline most of the time? Your email address will not be published. Recommended for you: Ngan Tengyuen.

    This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Text to speech for more languages Myanmar Burmese.

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    Thanks for speaking up! We've fixed several audio related issues. Fixed the issue that sometimes Chinese can not be translated. Improved offline translations with upgraded language downloads. Several bug fixes and usability improvements. Text to speech for more languages Filipino.

    We've fixed the low volume bug.

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    Instant camera translation: Feb 14, Version 5. Size Category Reference. It saves some time by not having you to type it all in , especially for large chunks of text. If you travel frequently, you could use a app that can read street signs in a foreign country through live camera translation. If you buy products from overseas, you could translate the instruction manual via the instant translation. Imagine being in a fancy restaurant and you can't read the menu items that are in a different language, those days history now with instant camera translation.

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    Here is an app worth taking a look at. Google Translate acquired Word Lens, one of the pioneers in live camera translators. Sure enough, that app is gone and you can find the functionality embedded neatly into the king of translating tools, Google Translate. admin