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Where's the alarm? Was hoping to can my bedside alarm clock for this app. I'm going to look for an app that does what this app does but has an alarm. Sound quality is great. Never lost a station. The app even cast to my Google home easily. Did I mention the app has no alarm!?! Below is the developers reply. Thank you. This may or may not be true.

Live AM FM Radio Station Tuner

Is so the feature is useless as I discovered from another app. Used the app all day never lost signal with station. Easy to use and loving it more each day. Changing star rating from three to four. Hi there! Thank you for using Simple Radio and taking the time to contact us. Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available.

I'll submit your suggestion as a feature request for consideration by our product team. If you would like to provide further comments or suggestions, please contact us at simple streema. Thank you! I appreciate this app, but it does have things that are really annoying. But, if I reject an ad from Facebook, Audible, etc. Furthermore, because of their badgering, I am more determined that I will never be interested. On another issue, The signal keeps dropping out constantly, and will not automatically reset.

I have to go into the phone and re-start it every couple minutes. Literally — every couple minutes. We have a lot of high quality Wi-Fi, and my Wi-Fi at home is very good too. I end up having to use data on two new smart phones. Thank you for making this available, but a lot of times I think about switching to some other app. Hello there! Please keep in mind that we use visual ads in order to sustain our project and keep the app free for our users.

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However, you can remove those ads by accessing our premium version through a one-time payment. I understand that having to close ads multiple times can be a bit cumbersome sometimes. Don't worry as I have forwarded your feedback to our product team for their collective review. For your Wifi concern, is this happening with all the stations you listen to? Or are you having trouble with a specific radio?

FM Radio with Earphones?? FM in Smartphones? AM Radio & FM Radio Antenna?

Please check if the result is the same when using your data plan or wifi. Please send us the name, frequency, and city of the station involved so we test it on our side. If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at simple streema. Offline playing allows the people to hear their favorite tunes on the go without internet.

Millions of songs available with a diverse subscription to get what you want with ease.

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Portable AM/FM Radio

The application is available on mobile, web, home and car platforms to give on-demand access to the users. More than hundreds of interactive and personally crafted music stations serve you best music. You can even tell Slacker to play newer or older songs or deeper cuts from a favorite artist. Slacker Radio. The app comes with more than 30, radio stations worldwide giving the user instant access to them through their iOS device. The reliable music service does make your daily commute more interesting and enjoyable. You can also enjoy the content on basis of your interests.

Listen to breaking news; talk radio and sports commentary on the move. The sleep timer allows you to shut the music automatically after a specific time. The interface of the app is simple and directed only towards music to give the user more ease. The app comes with more than 30, radio stations worldwide. The user gets instant access to them through their iOS device. Simple radio.

Listen to a good playlist every time you open up 8 tracks. For many users, the app is the future of radio. Discover music genres like independent rock, hip-hop and others over the app with ease. The community of the app is fun loving and gives out crazy good recommendations to add to your playlist. Less number of repetitions is there in the app in comparison to the other available apps.

The YouTube integration of the app allows you to see the music video of tune instantly without any hassle.

Live AM FM Radio Stations

The app inherits a user base of 40 million and is being listed as the number one app in almost 51 countries. The user can search their favorite tunes by country, genre, by state as well as by city. The app is available more than 10 languages giving the worldwide spread user an understanding interface. Any user can stream as well as download the podcasts available on the app whenever they want to. The all-time favorite radio stations are also available on the app.

The Radio.

Download Fm Radio - Best Software & Apps

Any iOS user can use the app while driving and listen to the radio through CarPlay with ease. Discover your favorite music on live FM stations near you and all around the country. The app is easy to use and offers a lot more than other online radio streaming apps available for iOS. Jango Radio aims to give the users a personalized radio service giving them the best music to listen.

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The app comes with variable curated programs inheriting the music of the artists you love. The user can fine-tune their stations to customize them at their own level for hearing the artists that they like. Save the stations to listen again when you want to on your device. The interface of the app is refreshingly simple and does the job without any trouble.