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The movement of people and dogs in these areas would increase foot traffic and activity, naturally causing a deterrent for negative acts. Winnipeg is drastically behind in providing citizens with adequate space for dog exercise and socialization. Calgary has public off leash areas for dogs. The City of Winnipeg has 67 outdoor hockey rinks, that with little to no cost can be used for off leash dog areas in the warmer months. While Tennis courts can be utilized in the winter months. Peter Koroma is a community advocate with decades of experience in public service and helping people deal with government.

He is actively involved with immigration sponsorship and settlement services in Winnipeg, and has a history of supporting cross-cultural exchanges in Winnipeg. Peter is one of the creators of the Newcomer Youth Educational Support Services Coalition, which serves hundreds of newcomer youths in the city. This non-profit organization welcomes children from every continent who land in Winnipeg — providing summer and after-school learning programs that help them succeed in Canada.

Since graduating from the University of Manitoba, he has worked as a policy analyst for the province, a case coordinator in Family Services and a special assistant to River Heights MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard in the Legislature.

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Peter is a strong advocate for fighting poverty and homelessness, and he is known to get results for people in need. He is running a grassroots campaign to offer a new voice with new ideas for the communities of Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry. Jon Gerrard. After retiring, I have continued to do charity work related to helping newcomers to Canada find a career or start their own business. For 12 years, I have also run a Summer Learning Program for newcomer youth that has helped hundreds of children graduate high school and integrate into Winnipeg.

I am running for office because nothing is more rewarding to me than serving the public and getting results for people in need.

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We need to shake things up at City Hall, and I am not interested in continuing the status quo. We need to combat meth and improve security. We need to cut red tape at City offices and modernize the services. And we need to start thinking about long term infrastructure planning for our growing city.

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That is why I'm running. We want to grow to 1 million people, so we need to build accordingly. I landed in Winnipeg in and attended the University of Winnipeg Collegiate before going on to my studies at the University of Manitoba. Winnipeg has been home ever since. I lived in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry when I arrived, and now my children and grand-child are enjoying living in this beautiful ward.

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry is home for my family. I support opening the intersection for accessibility reasons, and I believe more foot traffic above ground is good for business Downtown. However, I have concerns about the final cost and design of this project. We should incorporate local artists and architects to do something creative with the iconic intersection. I do not think this should be a priority issue in this election. A modern growing city needs to be a well-connected city. We need to modernize our fleet with more electric buses, and improve scheduling in key business areas like Corydon and Osborne.

If elected, I will advocate for a full and final Bus Rapid Transit plan for our city. This needs to be a long-term plan that lays out a central hub and very clear dedicated transit corridors that connect each direction to Downtown. After so many years of BRT planning, we only have an incomplete Southern corridor that is being worked on with no clear vision for what comes next. We need to modernize our fleet with more electric buses, and improve scheduling in key business areas.

Many voters have given up on this project because too much money has been wasted, which is why we need a clear fully costed plan to be transparent with taxpayers. This issue should not hang over Winnipeg elections forever with no clear vision and plan. There are too many actions to list here, but they range from small to large. We need to look at employment policies that lift up Indigenous people within the civil service and especially policing.

We need to work with businesses to embrace social enterprise policies that seek out Indigenous and other marginalized communities with jobs and training opportunities. The City acknowledges that we are on Treaty 1 territory, and that means we need to genuinely reach out to Indigenous people in Winnipeg in the spirit of Reconciliation. Many amazing initiatives like the Bear Clan, Got Bannock? As I campaign door to door, I hear concerns about the healthcare and security costs associated with drugs in our communities.

And I have heard some tragic stories from families directly impacted by addiction. My own idea for a safe injection site downtown has been reported by CBC, but I think it is important to clarify that we need drug rehab solutions — period.

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Whether it is a safe injection site downtown or elsewhere is not as important as agreeing that we need one in the first place. I believe both other levels of government will work with us, but we may have to do most of the heavy lifting. Based on my own campaigning, I know we are ready to try something new to combat drugs in our city.

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I hear about destruction of property, trespassing and theft related to addicts, which can be reduced if we are controlling where addicts go. Recently, the Health Sciences Centre requested additional security specifically to handle meth addicts. Aside from security, there is the human cost when lives could be saved through controlled addiction treatment. We need new ideas to combat addiction and the related crimes across the ward.

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry cannot afford the status quo if we want to address the meth crisis facing our communities. I will put forward progressive solutions to this problem, and I will not accept the status quo. It is a year plan, and that is the kind of vision we need for our public transit. We need our own long-term strategic transit plan, whether it is 10, 20 or 30 years. Log in Create Free Account Help. Boniface St. James St. Norbert - Seine River St. Vital Transcona Waverley West.

Other Jeff Palmer is a professional city planner who lives and volunteers in the ward. Read More Age: About You Have you ever previously run for or held office? Have you ever been a member of a political party? I was a member of the Manitoba Liberal Party from Why did you decide to run for office? What are the biggest issues facing your community?

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Tell us something about yourself that voters might find surprising. I love cats. I see myself as a cat person. Over the last 17 years, I have had five cats. About your platforms and policies What is your position on reopening Portage and Main to pedestrians? How can the city tackle growing problems with drug addiction?

Find out more about Harry Wolbert: Michael Thompson I was born in Winnipeg at St.

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I believe the following issues are most important based upon my conversations with people living within the ward: The city must work together with higher levels of government and non-government organizations in order to do the following: Find out more about Michael Thompson: Bryanna Spina I was born and raised in Winnipeg, my parents ran a home-based business, and I learned the value of hard work at a young age.

No Have you ever been a member of a political party? No Why did you decide to run for office? Road and Infrastructure improvement. Fixing our roads, lanes, sewers and waterworks. Community Safety. Active transportation. Improving transit.

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Preserving our green spaces. Keeping taxes affordable while tackling big projects in the ward. I am for opening Portage and Main to pedestrian traffic. Find out more about Bryanna Spina: Sherri Rollins Sherri Rollins is an experienced public servant with a background in conflict resolution, human resources, business, and organizational development. Senior Policy Analyst For twenty years I have held various policy roles inside federal, provincial government and in the private sector with my own businesses. I will stand behind the decision of Winnipeggers, and respect their vote.

I welcome the opportunity to bring this experience to City Hall. Find out more about Sherri Rollins: City Planner Education: This is my first time. I believe that it should be opened, but will respect the results of the plebiscite. Find out more about Jeff Palmer: Read More Focusing on the improvement of city services including infrastructure, permit processing, betterment of the Winnipeg Police relationship and budget.

Public Transportation Our current Public Transit needs to be accountable for frequency of route stops, and schedules. Active Transportation Approve the cyclist bridge from Fort Rouge Park to Bonnycastle Park with public consultation and engagement from residents to establish cycle paths that work best for the community. Find out more about Stephanie Meilleur: Peter Koroma Peter Koroma is a community advocate with decades of experience in public service and helping people deal with government.

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