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Real-world confessions from Surface RT owners: Who loves it and why. Microsoft's Surface 2 tablet follows faithfully in the footsteps of failure. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Hands-On. Smart connections: Hidden gems in the Windows Store In addition to the handy remote desktop apps, the Windows Store is rife with other hidden gems that can make your RT more powerful, more productive, and more fun to use.

The free TuneIn Radio app can stream virtually anything, from radio stations to local fire and police transmissions, right to your Surface RT.

Microsoft Windows 8.1: Installing Store and Desktop Apps

TuneIn Radio As its name suggests, TuneIn Radio is an app that gives users access to a smorgasbord of radio stations from around the world. Khan Academy If you like to constantly learn about new things, the Khan Academy app is an awesome tool that provides nearly endless hours of enjoyment and education. Toolbox for Windows 8 The Toolbox for Windows 8 app works on Windows RT and offers a one-stop-shop of sorts for a number of handy, simple apps. Terms of use.

How to find and download Windows RT apps

Post a Comment Comment. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Engine for the game Theme Hospital. Includes demo, easy to use full version if you have it: Requires game data files. Syndicate game engine. No cutscene sound, requires game files.

How to find and download Windows RT apps

Ultima VIII game engine. Required game files. Standalone file downloader and bittorrent client. Has some known issues but works: Duke Nukem 3D game engine. Requires game files. Has a known sound bug with workaround.

How to run normal x86 Windows apps on your Windows RT tablet

Runs pretty well although some of the newer games may stutter a little. Requires the game files from a standard install. Updated to 2. Arcade game emulator. Port is still considered "alpha" quality. C IDE. Debugging is not yet supported and some setup work is required: Arcade machine emulator requires ROMs. Not yet fully tested; performance issues reported with some games. DjVu document viewer. A desktop player for video files. Instructions and downloads: Instructions and download: Skinnable music player, now with FLAC support.

Extra themes are available for download from the site. Now with 1. Super Nintendo console emulator. Some features are disabled but games appear to work fine. Graphical file transfer program. No support for encrypted protocols in this build, only plain FTP.

Diff erencing and merging tool. All features should work but this version is a little old; a newer one may come later. Stand-alone RSS feed reader with embedded browser. Streams 3D apps with good quality and responsiveness. WebKit-based web browser. Uses interpreted JS.

Scripting language, most commonly used for games.

Tap into the power of your full-fledged PC

Nice BitTorrent client somewhat like uTorrent. Currently only includes English support. Magnet links may not work? Video player. May be very slow with some codecs.

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Distributed version control software sort of like Git or Mercurial. New update 1. Widely used version control software. Keyboard macros and powerful automation of Windows functions. Image manipulation program. Predator Classic. First-person games based on the movies. Thanks to acrossland!

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Binary available at Download link. The venerable and classic "roguelike" RPG. Requires a compiler such as MiKteX linked above. Interpreter for the Forth programming language. Docs and samples available as well as binary: Experimental FFI should make much more code work. Thanks e! Password storage wallet. Use one mouse across PCs like Synergy. Install instructions here: Net Remote. Remote control of a Transmission BitTorrent service.

28 Top Windows RT Apps List for 2014

IRC client. Java, implemented in. NET can run many pure-Java apps. Advanced HTTP proxy. To install, unpack the. EXE as an archive using 7-Zip. To run correctly, copy the file Microsoft. Multipurpose utility image conversion, file management stuff, etc. You can use the installer; there will be a warning but it's reported to work after clickthrough.