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Unassuming Joe the Plumber is about to go on the adventure of his lifetime This time-traveling adventure game has you moving back and forth between and where mankind has become extinct. A nice twist on the puzzle adventure game, this one really nails the 'present day' of Download The Silent Age. A beautiful game, Shadowmatic takes the Hidden Object game and turns it into a make-the-object game.

The game goes through a series of rooms that each have different lighting and challenges you to rotate strange shapes hanging in the middle of the room to cast shadows into a specific form. Download Shadowmatic. This one is for those who really, really can't wait for the next in The Room series. But while it is obviously a Room-clone, don't mistake it for being cheaply developed.

House of Da Vinci is a high-quality game that will definitely feed your need for a good puzzle solver. Download House of Da Vinci. A puzzle solver that makes you feel like you are in a cartoon version of a James Bond film, Agent A doesn't do too much that is new, but it does almost everything very good. You'll find the same basic tap-and-solve mechanics with plenty of items, clues and puzzles strewn about the house. Download Agent A. Device 6 takes the classic wake-up-with-no-memories theme and mixes in high doses of nostalgic text-based game play alongside the mobile world of images and videos.

This is well-written tale that will have you chuckling as you slowly discover more about Anna, the protagonist with the memory issues. Download Device 6. A beautiful blend of hidden object gameplay and difficult puzzles to solve wrapped in a cartoonish charm suitable for a toddler, this is the perfect game to play with the family. The puzzles may be too hard for an 8-year-old, but kids can join in the fun by helping spot some of the puzzle pieces that can easily blend into the environment, while adults will enjoy a challenging game.

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Download The Tiny Bang Story. The Room Two is a creepy mystery game for iPad that will put your problem-solving powers to the test. The Room Two employs much the same winning gameplay format as the first version , except this time you venture outside of the original room and must solve clues in a variety of different rooms in order to progress. There's a story woven into the game which centers around a mystery artifact which must be recovered from a house and delivered to the person who has requested it.

Notes are littered across the room that provide a back story.

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The object of The Room Two is to solve a series of different puzzles in order to complete the overall mystery. This generally involves finding objects which can be used to unlock or disrupt things, cracking codes, and using your eyepiece to find mysterious clues that can't be seen with the naked eye. The Room Two is as joyfully challenging as the first installment of the game.

The Room 2 Answers, Cheats and Walkthrough - The Room Two Walkthrough

It's infuriating and enchanting in equal measure. There are so many moments where you think you've pieced together the right combination of things to open a chest or discover a secret door, only to discover that there's another layer of puzzles to solve before you can. Though gameplay in The Room Two is gripping, it's the kind of game you probably won't come back to because once you've cracked it that's kind of it until The Room 3, that is!

How to play The Room 2. Even if you haven't played this type of mystery game before, The Room Two is pretty easy to get into. There's a short tutorial at the start which explains the basic principles of the game and explanations will continue to appear as you play so you get an idea of what's going on.

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Although the style of puzzles in The Room Two doesn't vary much, there's enough variation to keep it interesting. There are things to find, patterns to match, notes to interpret, and things to manipulate using touch gestures.

The Room 2

Hints are available via an icon at the top of the screen, and believe me, you'll need them! The Room Two is a chilling experience at times, especially if you're playing the game on your own.

The Room: Part 3: Chapter 3

The fact that much of the game world is drenched in darkness is bad enough, but the creepy ghost noises and sudden unexplained clunks and thuds will give you chills. The 3D graphics in The Room Two are lavishly crafted and everything looks good. The visuals are similar to the first game, but with a little more polish.

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