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I always worry that these jaunts into the hits of yesteryear will ruin my admiration and memories of them, but here the voice acting remains as effortlessly entertaining as it ever was, and Los Santos itself is a suitable rough draft for the city we can now see in far greater detail in this year's Grand Theft Auto V. Exit Theatre Mode.

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The textures have been updated, but nevertheless still feel as dated as 's preoccupations with wardrobe malfunctions and K-Fed. But there's an undeniable pleasure in zooming past sights like the "world's largest cock" with the enhanced lighting and improved draw distances. Games may have blazed trails that we could have scarcely imagined existing a decade ago, but GTA San Andreas reminds us why it's occasionally nice to retread the old, familiar paths.

In some ways, though, that's this port's biggest problem. In order to appreciate it, we have to approach it on its own terms, and in this case that means playing it on smartphone gamepads designed by the likes of Logitech and Moga. I managed to get a hold of Moga's dual-stick Ace Power variant for my playthrough, and plopping my iPhone 5 inside the slot brought back feelings of satisfaction I've previously associated with calculating the parallaxes of different stars or untangling last year's Christmas lights. After the agonies of the touchscreen, it was beautiful.

CJ pumped bullets into passersby and hijacked cars with all of the jerky grace he'd displayed years ago on the PlayStation 2, and yes, he even remembered how to ride his bike.

Pity, then, that each of the available models of these Made-for-iPhone controllers will set you back around bucks. It's hard to fault Rockstar for a lack of trying. After all, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features no less than three modes of input for moving if you're all thumbs and no joysticks.

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The best method for me is the on-screen analog joystick that pops up when you touch the left side of the screen on your phone or iPad, although it also offers an ostensibly simpler left and right button setup or a "flick" method that lets you attempt to direct movements while looking like you're flipping off the poor denizens of San Andreas. Rockstar's input methods here are relatively easy to pick up, considering what it had to work with, but they're pale substitutes for the pleasures of gamepad support.

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Still other tweaks ease the path of entry, such as a simple button-tapping prompt that appears near cars so you can hijack them at will, or the way that jumping into water reveals convenient buttons for diving or paddling to the surface. Even the dirty work of shooting has been adapted with aim assists, and tapping an enemy targets them. Better yet, new mid-missions checkpoints ensure that botched runs such as my first attempt at a bicycle escape aren't as painful as they used to be. And if you're still not sure what to do with those movement controls?

Customization settings in the menu let you arrange them as you wish.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Controls aside, GTA: San Andreas still justifies its long-running popularity to this day. Provided you can manage to make your way inside the doors of the relevant establishments, you'll find dozens of hours of entertainment crammed into its two gigabytes of precious mobile device storage space that let you experience everything from working out at the gym or grabbing burgers in a fictionalized take on Las Vegas.

It even supports features like cloud saves. San Andreas, one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed games in the series, over to iOS and Android with a Windows Phone 8 version arriving later.

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Today we will be taking a closer look at this game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on mobile is a direct port of the original, which means all the original story and gameplay content is present as is. You control the character in a third person view and you can move around freely in the city. San Andreas even added the ability to swim for the first time in the series. You can either choose to roam around the world freely or take part in one of the missions in the game. Once you finish a mission, you can choose when you start the next one or just continue roaming around.

As you play the game, you also level up certain abilities, such as swimming, combat, cycling, etc. You also have to keep a tab on what you eat and how much you eat. If you eat too much, you get fat and slower. You can also go to the gym in the game to workout and stay fit. As a player you can also go to stores and purchase clothes for yourself or go get a haircut.

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You can switch between purchased clothes from your house. You will also find other characters commenting on your personal appearance.

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Now coming to the mobile port, Rockstart has once again done a commendable job in optimizing the controls for the screen. You have a set of buttons on the right for functions such as getting into a vehicle, driving, and attack. On the left, you can either have a virtual joystick or arrow keys for moving around. You can control the camera by swiping on the screen.

The gameplay is obviously very good, which is why it was so well received when the game released on the PS2 back in The gameplay stands the test of time well and even today you can expect to have good time with it, assuming you are fan of the GTA gameplay. The game is not without its share of violence, racism, sexism and general political incorrectness, which has been a longstanding tradition of the series. Visually, Rockstar has updated the game with dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, richer color palette, enhanced character and car models, which makes it the best looking version of the game till date.

Not to mention, it also runs at native resolutions on high resolution displays such as the Retina display on the iPad and the Nexus The game still does look quite dated, which is understandable for a game that came out ten years ago.